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Nucleic Acid Extraction Systems

EZBead System-32 AutoExtraction System

Intended Use

An automated platform that utilizes magnetic beads as reagents to purify nucleic acids.

Feature and Benefits

  • Accepts a variety of starting materials.
  • Open system.
  • Large sample volume option available.
  • Programmable protocols.


  • Maximum of 32 samples per run.
  • Magnetic bead based technology.
  • No external computer needed.
  • Operation time 30~70 minutes.
  • Dimensions: 40(W) x 40(D) x 45(H) cm.
  • Weight: 27.2 kg.


Ordering Information

Catalog. No.
No. 37001



Instruction Manuals

Name / Version Description Size
v2.0 User Manual (System) 1.36MB
v3.3 User Manual (Kit) 0.27MB

Product Documents

Name / Version Description Size
v1.1 DM 7.87MB