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Real Time PCR System

MAXI Gel Electrophoresis System

Intended Use

Electrophoretic Separation of nucleic acid using agarose based gels.

Feature and Benefits

  •  Only 6 minute SSP gel runs.
  •  Can run 1 ABC + DRDQ within a single gel run.
  •  DNA Ladder can be loaded to marker lane. 


  • 17 wells per comb, 12 combs per system.
  • Maximum of 192 wells per gel. - Maximum of 25ul of sample per well.
  • Compatible with TBG SSP and SBT kits.


Ordering Information

Catalog. No.
No. 38371



Instruction Manuals

Name / Version Description Size
Maxi Gel Electrophoresis System 4.1 PDF 0.09MB