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Reagent Analysis Software

AccuType SBT Analysis Software

Intended Use

For the interpretation and analysis of data generated from SBT reagents. 


Feature and Benefits

‧ Recognize both LSA, GSA and GSSP sequences.
‧ Manually import, alter or edit CWD lists as needed.
‧ Upon ambiguity, suggest resolution primer and exon regions.
‧ HLA database is updated twice per year.
‧ Compatible report formats with bone marrow registries.


The preset alignment database includes HLA A, B, C, DRB, DQB, DPB, MIC and TAP as well as other histocompatibility genes. If additional database are needed, please contact your nearest TBG staff for more information.


Ordering Information


Instruction Manuals

Name / Version Description Size
HLA Database 3.30 Database 3.30 for importing into AccuType 0.34MB
HLA Database 3.27 Database 3.27 for importing into AccuType 0.31MB
HLA Database 3.28 Database 3.28 for importing into AccuType 0.32MB
Version Tracker Tracking changes made to AccuType Software. Updated 2017-11-24 0.27MB