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COVID 19 Testing Kits

ExProbe SARS-CoV-2 Testing Kit

Intended Use

ExProbe™ SARS-CoV-2 Testing Kit is used for qualitative detection of the RdRP, N and E genes of SARS-CoV-2 in pharyngeal swabs and sputum samples. The test results of this kit can qualitatively determine whether the suspected patient is infected with 2019 novel coronavirus emerging pneumonia infection of unknown causes. 

Click here for a introductory video on TBG's COVID-19 Testing Kits. 

For the report of adverse event, please see the "Regulations" section below. 

Feature and Benefits

  • 4 color multiplex to detect RdRP, N, E and internal control 

  • LOD of 50 copies/reaction​

  • Automation setup for high throughput


  • Kit Contents: PCR mix, enzyme mix, pos/neg controls, and IFU.​

  • Storage: -20±5°C for 6 months. ​

  • Compatible: ABI7500 and TBG Q6000 real time PCR system​. 


Step 1 

Viral RNA Extraction

Step 2

PCR reaction: Ten secrets that nobody tells you | Desenhos de ...
Prepare QPCR

Step 3
Real Time PCR Analysis

Ordering Information

Catalog. No.: 68020  
Package Sizes: 96 tests/kit  



For reporting of adverse events related to this product, please send an email to COVID19@tbgbio.com and include the following within your email: 
- Product name and lot number. 
- Product operator and related testing facility. 
- Detailed description of the adverse event as well as the date of occurrence. 

All reported adverse events will be periodically updated and reported below. 
Currently Reported Adverse Events (Updated 8/12/2020): None Reported. 

Instruction Manuals

Name / Version Description Size
v1.5 User Manual (CE) 0.63MB
Fact Sheet Patients 0.56MB
Fact Sheet HCP 0.59MB
v1.2 User Manual (EUA) 0.68MB

Product Documents

Name / Version Description Size
v3.2 DM 3.62MB
v2.6 Introduction and Testing Strategies 11.02MB