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Analysis Software

TBG has developed analysis softwares for both SBT and SSP technologies. Each software is made to simplified the analysis process while providing a comprehensive reports.

AccuType™ SBT Analysis Software

AccuType™ SBT Analysis Software is TBG's latest analysis software of SBT software. It is an open software that can be used to analyze sequences from all ab1 based files. The preset alignment database includes HLA A, B, C, DRB, DQB, DPB, MIC and TAP as well as other histocompatibility genes. If additional database are needed, please contact your nearest TBG staff for more information.

As a package with our HLAssure SBT kits, the software is able to:
‧Recognize both LSA, GSA and GSSP sequences.
‧Manually import, alter or edit CWD lists as needed.
‧Upon ambiguity, suggest resolution primer and exon regions.
‧HLA database is updated twice per year.
‧Compatible report formats with bone marrow registries.

Other features may also be added or customized depending on your need. Please contact us for a demonstration copy or more details.

Morgan™ SSPal HLA Typing Analysis Software

Tired of checking worksheets? Morgan™ SSPal HLA Typing Analysis Software is gel result interpretation software that has been specially designed for users of Morgan™ SSP HLA typing kits. Users just indicate the positive wells on the gel-view tick box to calculate the typing result. The software also annotates the size of specific-PCR product for double confirmation at the same time. Users can key-in related information such as name, ID, age, ethnic and gender of the samples or patient and import raw gel pictures into the database for storage. The efficient database search function assists the user in locating their data and specific HLA types easily including parameters such as experimental conditions and gel-interpretation.

The software is designed to take into account frequent worksheet updates and users have to use the correct worksheet to interpretate the HLA typing data. Users are advised to check the worksheet SN number from the label on each kit or from the worksheet provided in each kit with the worksheet loaded in the SSPal software to see if an update has been made. Users can download updated worksheet packages from the relevant product page on the TBG website and import it into the installed SSPal software on their PC.

To make a request for Morgan™ SSPal HLA Typing Analysis Software,
please contact us by email or contact your local distributor.

Omixon has developed analysis softwares for the NGS technology.


HLA Explore

HLA Explore is HLA typing software for genetics/genomics researchers for the analysis and interpretation of any NGS data.

HLA Explore Features:
‧HLA genotyping for any sequencer: Illumina, Ion Torrent, PacBio, Nanopore.
‧HLA genotyping for any experiment type i.e. targeted exons, targeted whole genes, whole MHC, whole transcriptome, whole exome, or whole genome.
‧Command line automation for integrations with in-house pipelines.
‧Mismatch reporting based on simple base statistics.
‧Support for external databases (Allele Frequency).
‧Export HML 1.0.1 and PDF Summary Report.

For more information regarding Omixon software, please visit: www.omixon.com
To make a request for Omixon HLA Explore Analysis Software,please contact us by email or contact your local distributor.