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Sequence Specific Primers

The Morgan™ HLA SSP Typing Kits are for determining HLA alleles using PCR techniques with sequence specific primers (SSP). Allele sequence-specific primer pairs are designed to selectively amplify target sequences which are specific to a single allele or group of alleles. This PCR-SSP method is based on the principle that only primers with completely matched sequences to the target sequences result in amplified products under controlled PCR conditions.

The presence of amplified DNA fragment is a positive indication of the existence of allele specific sequence in the genomic DNA. On the other hand, mismatched primers do not generate amplicons. In addition to sequence specific primers, an internal control primer pair, which amplifies a conserved region of the house keeping gene, is included in every PCR reaction mix. The PCR product of the internal control primer pair serves as an indication of the integrity of PCR reaction.

TBG provides typing kits for all Class I and Class II loci and multiple combinations of HLA loci. Our unique divided well design allows TBG to provide more primers per PCR tray thus allowing the side by side running of ABDR patient/donor samples on one tray.